Seibon Carbon TS-Style Hood Evo X

  • Seibon Carbon's TS-Style hood for Mitsubishi EVO X looks terrific. With Seibon you will enjoy the tight and constant weave of their carbon fiber products. You will appreciate the workmanship that goes into their manufacturing process, and you certainly will like the way their products actually FIT!

    Today there are a lot of carbon fiber manufacturers to choose from for styling your Evo X. These manufacturers offer you a wide range of similar looking products for varying prices. As a discriminating Mitsubishi owner you want something that looks as good on your car as it does in the picture on the internet, right? That's why we have chosen Seibon.

    Note that the pre-drilled holes for washer nozzles are for location only; you will have to file the holes out to fit the Mitsubishi nozzles.

    Truck freight shipping.

  • SKU#: 10044TS

    Shipping Weight: 150.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Seibon

    Category: Hoods

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